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Clickfunnels Pricing

My Video Breakdown Of Clickfunnels Pricing:

Clickfunnels Pricing is pretty straightforward...

There Are 2 Main Plans

The Standard Plan - $97/mo

The standard plan includes most of the functionality of clickfunnels, but with a restriction on how many visits you can have to your clickfunnels landing pages per month, and it also doesn't include some advanced functionality like email marketing or affiliate tracking.

Click here to start your free 14-day trial

The Etison Plan - $297/mo

The etison plan really includes everything - all of the clickfunnels features, and no limits on your monthly visitors or features. 

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I personally don't think you need the Etison plan until you're making some good money. Until then, the standard plan works just fine.

Full Plan Pricing Breakdown

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How Does Clickfunnels Compare To Leadpages and other landing page and website building software?

A lot of people ask about how clickfunnels compares to other landing page services like leadpages, unbounce, infusionsoft, etc. 

I don't really think it's fair to compare them equally, since they all aim to achieve certain things better than the others. But I will say that if you're looking to build sales funnels, clickfunnels is hands down the best. 

If you're JUST looking to build landing pages, then the others work well too.'s worth mentioning that clickfunnels is ALSO a truly amazing landing page builder, that's fast, and builds beautiful pages. So if the other functions are useful to you at all, I would highly recommend just going for clickfunnels. 

Your Heading Here

Clickfunnels Full Honest Review (2018)

Here is my full review of the clickfunnels marketing platform. I cover all my opinion of the pros & cons of the platform and who it's good for, plus pricing and a demonstration. 

  • Intro

    • What Is Clickfunnels?

    • Pros/Cons

    • Who It’s Good For

    • Who It’s GREAT For

    • And Who It’s Not Good For

    • Also, A quick demo of how it works and some of it’s features

    • Pricing Information

    • And Where To Get Started (For Free)

  • What Is Clickfunnels?

    • Software that combines website builder, landing page builder, shopping cart, split testing software, membership software, affiliate tracking software, email software, and more.

    • Really, the main purpose is creating sales funnels

    • What is a sales funnel?

    • Who can use sales funnels?

      • Pretty much all businesses

        • Authors, service providers, local businesses, ecommerce, information product creators, membership sites, and more

  • Pros

    • You speed of implementation, productivity and flexability skyrocket

    • Lightning Fast Website Creation

      • Literally create an entire website in 30 mins

    • Fast Landing Page / Optin Page Creation

    • Fast Integration With Payment Solution

    • Beautiful Designs

    • Effective, Proven Designs

    • The Easiest Way To Build A Complete Sales Funnel

    • Almost Instant Split Testing

    • Integration With Almost Every Auto Responder Service

    • Most popular service - many companies work with clickfunnels

    • Really Can Fire Your Designer/Programmer

    • Beautiful Membership Area

    • Beautiful Product/Download Delivery Pages

    • Tons of Proven Templates To Choose From, Or Be Inspired By

    • Really fantastic training and tutorials, even for total beginners

    • Awesome stats

    • Also Comes with tons of amazing marketing training

      • Probably worth it for the training alone

    • Integrates separate software pieces into one place - saves lots of money on membership software/ landing page builder / shopping cart plugin

  • Cons

    • If you can’t use stripe....pretty much ruins a lot of features

How To Build Your First Funnel In Clickfunnels

In this video, I demonstrated how to build your first funnel in Clickfunnels in a little under 15 minutes. 

Clickfunnels, if you haven't heard, is a software platform designed by internet marketing legend Russel Brunson. It combines the ease and speed of a landing page builder with a powerful stockpile of pre-built landing page, sales page, optin, and product page templates built by some of the world's greatest salesmen and marketers. 

While some question whether the pricing of Clickfunnels is a bit too high, there are many case studies of people building a simple sales funnel that skyrockets the success of their book, product, or business by easily allowing the ability to create upsells, downsells, and membership sites. 

For a quick demonstration on how to use clickfunnels to build a simple opt-in funnel for use in any online business, watch my video below: 

How To Get Clickfunnels Free 14 Day Trial

I personally have used Clickfunnels to generate tens of thousands of dollars in sales, and I have to's not always a perfect match for every market or business strategy. But for the ones it is a perfect fit for (which is a good portion of online businesses)...CF totally rocks. 

It really makes the creation of websites, landing pages, etc extremely easy, fast, and beautiful. It integrates easily with almost every autoresponder service available because it's so popular...

And if your business is in the right market, you can literally set up an entire online business in probably 30 minutes or less...including processing payment, building a list, and having a product delivery membership area. It's pretty amazing, and everything works very simply, very fast, and looks very professional. 

If you're interested in giving Clickfunnels a try, click the link below to get a free 14 day trial of the service, plus a bunch of bonuses from Russel, and free access to some of the best internet marketing training available anywhere. 

Click Here To Get a Free 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels